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Welcome to the Ministry of Children for Ansteorra!

The Ministry of Children exists to provide safe, fun, and educational activities during scheduled and strutured sessions at events, meetings, and/or other SCA functions. Children's Officers are not babysitters, but instead are coordinators or teachers who offer age-appropriate means for learning and involvement within the scope of the SCA.


  1. Parents or legal guardians (or temporary guardians as assigned by waivers) are responsible for children brought to an event. Parents/guardians should be aware of their children's location and activities at all times while attending SCA functions.
  2. Parents must not expect other adults to supervise or control minors who are wandering unaccompanied at events.
  3. As different levels of supervision are necessary for different age groups:
    1. Children under the age of FIVE should not be left unsupervised by the parent/legal guardian at SCA functions, even at planned children's activities.
    2. In some Kingdoms, a "Sight and Sound" rule is in effect at all SCA functions. Generally, this states that children under the age of twelve should be in eyesight/earshot of the parent or a designated adult of teenager (as determined by the parent). As a guideline, it is suggested that children in this age range are in the care of an adult besides the parent/guardian (designated babysitter, attending activities, etc.), the children should be checked on periodically by the parent/guardian to ensure their safety and suitable behavior.
    3. children under the age of twelve are not considered suitable babysitters for younger children.


In most kingdoms, two forms are used for parents who allow their minor children to attend an event without them. Minors under the age of eighteen may NOT attend SCA events alone, so paperwork transferring parental responsibility is necessary:

  1. "designated adult in charge of a minor" form (temporary guardianship) allows a responsible adult to act for the parent on behalf of the child. In some Kingdoms, this form must be notarized, and in all cases, it must be signed by the parent.
  2. "medical authorization" form allows medical treatment to be provided in the event of an emergency.


New Yahoo Group for Parents A new Yahoo Group was created for Ansteorran parents. This group is for parents all over the Kingdom to come together and exchange ideas. You do not have to be an official member to join. All those parents and caregivers who are interested in talking with other parents about children's issues within Ansteorra are welcome to join.

MoC and Coordinator GroupAll MoCs and Children's Coordinators are incouraged to join the scamoc Yahoo Group. This group is a great forum for the officers to ask questions and get to know each other. All reports go through this group. There are also forms, links, and all sorts of goodies for you. There is even a How To... section. For more information on this group, contact the Kingdom MoC.

New Moodle Classroom A new Moodle classroom has been created for MoCs to take the Warranting class online. Other classes will be added in the near future. Contact the Kingdom MoC for more information.

Kingdom MoC Deputy Needed The current Kingdom MoC ends her office on January 19, 2013. She is currently looking for a Deputy who will be able to take over when her warrant expires. You will have to be a member and have a background check. If you are interested, please contact Lady Cait O'Hara.

Badge Program I have heard a question repeated from several people. What happened to the Badge Program? Well, the Badge Program was started some years ago, but it never really got off the ground. Recently, Lord Ivan Eriksson took the program and reworked it. He did an amazing job. It is now part of the Page School Program. For more information, please contact Lord Ivan.

Page School Now Open The Page School Program is for children ages 5 to 17. The Page School is full of resources (such as the Badge Program) for our children, parents, and children's activity coordinators. For more information, please contact the page School Dean Lord Ivan Eriksson.

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