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Welcome to the Ansteorran MoC Badge Program!

These are the Badge Class topics that have been thought of for instructors to teach. Please contact Cait O'Hara with ANY other Badge Class ideas or if you may know someone who might be interested in instructing a Badge Class! The Badge Program will officially kick off on January 1, 2011.

Cait O'Hara
Kingdom MoC, Ansteorra

Archery Badge Bardic Badge Beading/Jewelry Badge Camping Badge Chivalric Fighting Badge
Cooking Badge costuming Badge Courtly Graces Badge Dancing Badge Drumming Badge
Fiber Arts Badge Fighting 101 Badge Gaming Badge Heraldry Badge Herbalism Badge
Historical Study Badge Leatherworking Badge Metalworking Badge Nature Badge Painting Badge
Rapier Fighting Badge SCA 101 Badge Serving Badge Sewing/Needlework Badge Waterbearing Badge
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