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Minister of Children

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Lady Silvana Corwin, Kingdom MoC

Lady Lady Silvana Corwin is the new Minister of Children for the Kingdom of Ansteorra.

She can be reached via e-mail. Her entire contact information can be found in the Black Star (the official newsletter of Ansteorra).


Welcome to the office of the Minister of Children!

Please use the links to the left to navigate through the various pages of this site. There are currently two Yahoo Groups available - one is for SCA parents to connect with each other and discuss children’s issues within the Ansteorran Kingdom. It is located at The other group is for Ansteorran MoC officers and Youth Coordinators only. It is located at If you have any questions, feel free to email the Kingdom Minister of Children.

Badge Program and Page School I have heard a question repeated from several people. What happened to the Badge Program? Well, the Badge Program was started some years ago, but it never really got off the ground. Recently, Lord Ivan Eriksson took the program and reworked it. He did an amazing job. It is now part of the Page School Program. For more information, please contact Lady Ceara inghean mhic an Ghabhann.

New MoCs Needed We are currently looking for a new MoCs. If you are interested in helping our children grow within our great Society, just send an email to moc(at)

New RegionsWe now have three regions: Northern, Central, and Southern. See our Officers Page for more info on these regions and their officers.

Northern Regional MoC Needed If you live in the Northern Region and would like to teach our youth and ignite the Dream in all of them, please email Lady Aderyn Gunnarsdottir!

New Facebook Group for Parents A new Facebook Group was created for Ansteorran parents. This group is for parents all over the Kingdom to come together and exchange ideas. You do not have to be an official member to join. All those parents and caregivers who are interested in talking with other parents about children's issues within Ansteorra are welcome to join.

MoC and Coordinator Facebook Group All MoCs and Children's Coordinators are incouraged to join the Ansteorra MoC Facebook Group. This group is a great forum for the officers to ask questions and get to know each other. There are also photos, files, and all sorts of goodies for you. For more information on this group, contact the Kingdom MoC.

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